Fix Broken Img Links - jQuery

It is exceptionally drawn out and additionally rankling to check every last picture broken connection and fix it physically. To spare yourself from this inconvenience, you can utilize the below script to alter all the broken connections without a moment's delay.
$(this).attr('src', ‘img/broken.png’);

Disable right click menu - jQuery

Some web designers disable contextual right-click menu on their webpages. One common reason of doing that is to fight off picture stealer. Notwithstanding the reason, you can bind the right-click menu utilizing this basic piece.
        return false;

Toggle Stylesheet

Making more than one stylesheet for a website is really normal. Designers do this every once in a while to make surfing helpful for visitors. For instance, a few sites don a really dynamic color plan, which frequently appears aggravating to a few visitors. The most ideal approach to hold such visitors and provide for them an extraordinary user experience is to offer them an optional template, say a straightforward dark and white perspective, which is possible effortlessly with this snippet.
//Look for the media-type you wish to switch then set the href to your new style sheet
$('link[media='screen']').attr('href', 'Alternative.css');